Public voting for the Beat Grand Prix “CHILL/AMBIENT 2020” finals


The general vote has been closed.

Public voting for the Beat Grand Prix “CHILL/AMBIENT 2020” finals has just started!

To vote, click on each finalist’s image on track list. When you click, you can listen the track.
Listen the track first, then “Vote” 3 of the 14 finalists that you feel are the best chill or ambient.
We recommend you vote carefully, as the public vote distribution will have a significant impact on the final rankings to select winner.
And it doesn’t end with just your vote!
We’re giving away a MASCHINE MIKRO MK3 from Native Instruments, one of the most track making devices in the world, to one lucky winner from among those voting for it!
We’d love for you to get out there and vote for Beat Grand Prix!
Voting closes on Friday, October 2! The votes will then be combined with those of the judges to determine the ranking.

※Notes on Voting※
・Please be sure to select 3 different artists. If you select the same artist, your vote will be invalid.
・One person can only vote once during the voting period.
・If the same IP address is used to vote, the vote will be invalidated.
・In the event that any other vote manipulation is found, the vote may be invalidated.

The result will be announced as “CHILL OUT DAY” in mid-November by WEB LIVE streaming.
There will be live sets by GUEST artists at Final, so please check these out. The URL for the webcast will be announced later.
Beat Grand Prix will continue to update each social medias with updated information on this event, so please follow us on

List of finalist songs (in alphabetical order)

※For your vote, click on the image or the artist’s name.

[Voting period Sept. 21-25, A to Z, Sept. 26-Oct. 2, Z to A]
The order is essentially irrelevant, but to be fair to the order, the order will be reversed in the period above.
The first half of the site is shorter, but the system is designed to accommodate the number of accesses to the site.